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The new Cally Morris hen decoys 400 bucks why so much ? They sure seem to work well on video... Can you shoot a legal hen in the fall & have

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Wild Turkey Hunting. It is unlawful to take more than one turkey per day. It is unlawful to hunt turkeys with the aid of bait. An area is considered baited for ten (10) days.

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Can a bearded hen turkey be capable of laying fertile eggs or are they unable to reproduce? ChaCha Answer: Most chickens and turkeys.

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Fall turkey hunting doesn't get as much hype as the spring season, but we like to get tags in case we get an opportunity while bow hunting. A couple

Is there such a thing as a double bearded hen turkey? ChaCha Answer: Yes, a bearded hen isn't all that common to begin with, but a se...

are they in your area,i'm in south al and i've seen several of them over the years.(in different locations).

So why do some hens get shot in spring? Here’s where it gets tricky. It’s legal in many states. At least if they’re bearded. Sure enough, some hens have beards, often.

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12.12.2009 · World record Archery bearded Eastern Turkey hen Kill. Killed in franklin county Missouri. Not enough tape left for recovery.

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Ask Your Question Here: how rare is a bearded hen turkey? i killed one this turkey season with a 8 inch beard i posted pictures of her. and is there any way that i can delete.

Shooting a Bearded Hen Turkey Talk. Whats the law about bearded hens? Are they legal or illegal to shoot? I've seen many during deer season and am just curious.

Does this look like a bearded hen to you?

Is it legal to shoot a bearded hen where you live?. Author Topic: Is it legal to shoot a bearded hen where you live? (Read 1423 times)

BackYardChickens Forum / Crossing a Broad Breasted White Turkey Turkey 101 - Tom Vs. Hen. Hens are female turkeys, weighing in at 8 to 16 pounds .

Do Wild Turkey Swim? A Photo Story of White Water Turkey Hen for Only the tom turkey actually gobbles. The hen makes clucking noises. A wild turkey's gobble can be heard up to.

19.04.2008 · Spring turkey hunt in 2008. In this video I harvest my first bearded hen.

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After 26 years of turkey hunting I harvested my first hen with a beard. I'm sorry about the poor picture quality, all that I had with me was my cell phone.

Ask Your Question Here: I recently shot a bearded hen during the 2010 West Virginia turkey season and was curious about the following: Would this kind of turkey still have the. Forums - Your place for information and discussion on all things fishing. Sponsored by - America's Tackle Shop!

I just got this mount done.It turned out beautiful nice hen with 8 inch plus beard on that old barn wood base i built.And i.

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